Location Based, Multiplayer Virtual Reality Attraction

Exciting, Simple, and Affordable

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The HoloRealm VR (HRVR) virtual reality gaming experience submerges players into an interactive adventure.

Visit a family entertainment center featuring HRVR tech and don our virtual reality gear, to be immediately transported into the game.

Look. Walk. Crouch. Lean. Aim. Shoot.
Take control, because you ARE the player.

Untethered VR

• No PC backpack, no cord
• Inside-out player tracking


• Up to 4 players at a time
• Location-based VR attraction


• Personalize your avatar
• Track your game session stats wherever you play.

Think you know virtual reality? You haven't experienced HRVR. This is one of the first gaming experiences to incorporate inside-out tracking with location-based, multiplayer technology. That eliminates the need for room tracking sensors, cords, and expensive backpacks full of heavy hardware.

Plus, HRVR lives in the cloud, meaning you can track your stats wherever you play. Share them with others by creating your personalized gamer tag and avatar and check-in at gaming locations directly from your phone.

Ditch the backpack, grab a friend, and try it for yourself. Because HRVR is fully immersive. HRVR is affordable. And HRVR is ground-breaking.

Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones

~ Mark Zuckerberg

Interested in featuring the HRVR gaming attraction at your facility?

Our cutting-edge technology is affordable, easy to set up, and simple to run. Most importantly, HRVR will provide your customers with a gaming experience they can't find anywhere else.

Low Risk - High Reward

• Equipment and room decals provided
• Employee training included
• Charged only when a customer pays

No Maintenance

• One-time setup fee
• Software updates pushed directly from the cloud
• No equipment updates necessary
• If equipment breaks, a replacement will arrive within 1 business day

Simple to Run

• Similar to running a laser tag attraction
• Manage players and games from any web browser
• Players only need our VR headset and controller

Our pricing structure is simple. A one-time setup fee includes:
• All VR equipment rentals forever
• iPad to manage players and games
• Onsite room customizations and setup
• Room decals and signs
• Employee training
• Travel and expenses for initial setup

Then, a fee is only charged when your customers play - invoiced to you monthly.

HRVR will also provide all equipment maintenance. If something breaks, we'll have a replacement to you within 1 business day. That means:
• FREE Facility upgrade as we develop newer, more advanced hardware
• FREE automatic software and content updates pushed directly to equipment
VR is complicated and hard to get right. That's why we've gone to great lengths to make the setup process as simple and quick as possible. And the reward? An amazing experience of unparalleled immersion.

You won't believe how easy it is to get a game session started as the process is very similar to running common laser tag attractions. Check-in customers and manage games directly from any web browser. And since everything is cloud-based, the VR gear is the only hardware required.
We've nailed VR. The revolution is here.

VR is here. Using our tech, you can stay competitive, while driving additional foot traffic to your existing attractions.
There is no risk, contact us today.

Our Amazing Technology

HoloRealm VR has created the world's first inside-out tracking virtual reality headset built from the ground up exclusively for family entertainment centers and arcades. Our technology features:

  • Proprietary, inside-out tracking virtual reality headset
  • Proprietary virtual reality controller with the HRVR Cartridge System
  • Cloud managed and controlled from any web browser
  • Easy-to-use, oversized physical volume and eye adjustment controls for players
  • LED state indicators for easy management
  • Easy to access video display
  • Rugged, durable plastic for ultimate hardware protection


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